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Be Intentional.

This is the week of Big Eating, and sometimes the celebration of eating All the Foods 'begins today and continues until the New Year!

Isn't That Why We Have New Year's Resolutions?

Our life can become all about the next meal, snack, drive-thru or delivery. Food is everywhere and unfortunately we don't even have to leave the couch, because more food is just a text or phone call away - oh my!!!

Have You Considered How You Will Navigate These Next 6 Weeks?

Most of us do put on a few pounds during this season of plenty and many of us struggle to stop the holiday eating long after the party's over.

As I work with people who are wanting to change their health outcomes, I find that denying, shaming, guilting or deciding to never eat another .... is NOT a good plan.

Being intentional means making deliberate choices to reflect what's most important to me.

Intentionality helps us maintain a positive mindset, reach goals, experience more clarity and be present, so that we can bring more purpose and meaning to our lives.

Who isn't down for this? Because we all want to be the best version of ourselves, even when we fail.

Failure doesn't mean defeat, it just gives us more information on how we can move forward with intention.


How Do I Eat With Intention?

  • Slow down and pay attention to actually what you are eating. Try putting your fork down between bites and listen to the conversation around you. Choose to be thankful for this meal, breathe deeply and chew your food well.

  • Enjoy the meal together. When we eat with others, we don't hide food or feel guilty about what we are eating.

  • Don't skip breakfast. 'Saving' up calories to use later only works against us because we tend to be overly hungry and eat faster and a lot more. Try a protein-based savory breakfast This will help you feel satisfied and you won't be overly hungry when it's time for the appetizers.

  • Eat at the table and use a plate. Although this seems obvious, many times snacking mindlessly until dinner can mean eating twice the amount of food and we miss out on the beauty of enjoying the actual meal because we're already full.

  • Check-in. Ask; How will this food feel in my body? This is a great way to intentionally fill your plate. Remember, just because it's there, doesn't mean you have to eat it.

  • Eat until satisfied, then move a bit. After a big meal it's so important to get moving. Go outside and get everyone involved in a game, walk around the block or help clean up. Moving after eating stimulates digestion and supports insulin sensitivity. Plus, you will enjoy that piece of pie after some movement.

  • Enjoy the day. Thanksgiving is a day set aside to encourage thankfulness and connection with others. Look around and choose to center on what you are grateful for instead of eating everything in sight. Remember, the body works best when we are in this state of gratefulness.

Take care of your body - It's where you live.

For today, I'm choosing to reflect on how much I'm learning about the importance of what I eat, how I move, and the need to find a good sleep pattern. Optimal health depends on these areas and as we age, it's crucial that we begin paying attention to how we are caring for our body.

Do you want some help?

I can help you find a better way to move toward optimal health. Changing how and what we eat takes intention and the a mindset that you are worth the effort.

January can be a great beginning. Instead of resolving to eat better, exercise more and do whatever rigid regime you hope will finally work, consider reaching out and find out how I can provide a personalized targeted approach that addresses your concerns by using whole, real foods.

Let's talk about it.

You can find me here. / 209.484-5999

Happy Thanksgiving,


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