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Blood Sugar
Boot Camp

Something has to change!

In just one generation, blood sugar levels have become a huge concern.

Why are so many of us dealing with pre diabetes, fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, rising cholesterol numbers and stubborn weight that keeps climbing?

There is a solution...

Blood Sugar Boot Camp is a way to effectively get off medications, eliminate the symptoms of rising blood sugar and equip you with the information and tools to actually restore your health.

Sign-up today to get all the information you'll need.

Introductory Price $199.

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Blood Sugar Boot Camp Sign Up

Interested in joining the next online 6-week Blood Sugar Boot Camp Class?

Class begins Monday January 8, 2023


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Do you struggle with;

Food cravings, especially sugar?

Disrupted sleep?

Bloated after eating?

Digestion issues?

Low energy & fatigue?

All the diets & detox programs?

Actually knowing how to start?

Restart will provide you with the education and steps to improve your health. Beginning with an easy to follow sugar detox, eating strategies to improve digestion and a deep dive into the benefits of fats, you will have the tools to make the changes you desire for long-term health

What would life look like when you have…

  • Energy throughout the day

  • Focused and clear thinking

  • Even moods

  • Satisfaction and contentment after eating

This small group class consists of five 60 minute sessions focusing on simple skills you can develop to get started on your goal of long-term health.  READ MORE...

Introductory Price $199

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REVEAL - Hair Analysis

Check Your Hair Minerals!

Why should I test my hair to see my mineral levels?

Minerals are incredibly important to our health as they literally are the body’s spark plugs. That said, we can also have high [toxic] levels of minerals that can contribute to some of our troubling symptoms.


Reveal - HTMA [hair, tissue, mineral analysis] reveals both mineral levels and heavy metal toxicity along with a blueprint to follow that can increase your energy, reduce brain fog, diminish fatigue and increase more

Introductory Price $299

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RESTORE  is a one-on-one Nutritional Therapy plan. Using interviews, nutritional assessments and food journaling allows me to create a full picture of your actual health. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, or a quick fix, it is a client-focused plan that builds sustainable changes in lifestyle and diet for a restored life. Over a coarse of coaching sessions we will;

IDENTIFY - We will use intake paperwork to identify the: how, what and why of food choices. Along with questions around lifestyle, habits, general health information, and 1:1 conversations, we will uncover and identify imbalances and areas of concern.

TARGET - Once we identify where the imbalances lie, the real work begins. A foundational protocol is created which supports pathways to healing.

RESTORE - We continue to address root causes instead of symptom management which reveal the layers towards true solutions.


Initial Assessment $299
Weekly or Every-other-week  Coaching Sessions

Introductory price $100 per session

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