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Meet Jan

Jan Lindquist is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner located in Turlock, California. She is trained to take an individual whole-person view of health. She supports clients in achieving  optimal wellness by using this approach through identifying nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. Incorporating a whole food nutrient-dense diet along with lifestyle changes, her clients will gain understanding and confidence in how to improve their quality of life.

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My Story

When life gives you lemons...

Over ten years ago I suffered a brain-stem stroke that changed my life. Spending time in the ICU and Critical Care units allowed me to see that life is both fragile and miraculous. A team of doctors were committed to finding out both the why and how, as in; How will Jan move forward, living her best possible life? They called this ‘forseeabe outcomes’.

As I began to heal, I considered these “outcomes” in light of my health crisis. I was not alone and the encouragement from many others supported my belief that I would heal and live well.

RESTORE represents this journey toward health and wellness. Discovering Functional Nutrition, a root cause approach to health through eating whole nutrient dense foods continues to impact how I move forward. Quality of life is a goal we can achieve through this approach to health.

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Digestive Wellness

Fighting Fatigue

Root Causes -vs- Symptom Management

Disrupted Sleep

Healthy Cooking

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