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My New Year's Wish For You...


There's a lot of noise out there about weight and we can become so fixated on a certain number that all else pales in comparison. Unfortunately, it's just a number.

Yes, it can be a marker that might tell us some things - but it is NOT a place to land.

The number on the scale does not define your value - it simply tells you what your body weighs.

My hope for you today is that you will begin to see a bigger picture.

What would it look like if you replaced this tired outdated narrative of how you should look or weigh and ask yourself;

How can I incorporate lifestyle and dietary strategies to give me a life that allows me to pursue my interests, passions and relationships well?

This is my wish for you.

What does this look like in 2024?

  1. Focus on elimination - pooping daily.

  2. Eat enough fiber through non-starchy veggies that supports step 1.

  3. Stop eating all day long [and into the night too!].

  4. Eat your protein to feel satisfied and balanced.

  5. Fat is your friend when you choose wisely [no seed oils].

These 5 steps allow our insulin pathways to heal and begin operating optimally. We don't want a shock to our system, which can cause our bodies into a fat-storing panic.

Choose the Long Game.

Remember, we haven't arrived here yesterday, so choose to see the journey as vital in finding out what works for you.

Begin at the beginning with breakfast. Choose an easy to repeat meal that you like.

  • Try protein + fat + carbs and keep sugar out of your first meal to experience these benefits:

  • Less cravings throughout the day.

  • A sense of satiety which can help to eliminate snacking/grazing.

  • Stable blood sugar that creates a stronger metabolism, better sleep, improved moods and clearer skin, less inflammation and a smaller waist to hip measurement.

Markers to Include for Metabolic Health.

We do want to be aware of Metabolic Syndrome which increases the risk of Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes. Because when our blood sugar is imbalanced and we are inflamed, this process has been out of control for some time.

Measure Your Waist.

Women: >35"/ Men:>40".

Blood Panel Every Year [at least].

Triglycerides: >150

Blood Pressure: <130/85

Fasting Blood Sugar:

Optimal: 72 - 85mg/dL.Early signs of disregulation:86-99mg/dL. Pre-diabetic:100 - 125mg/dL.

126mg/dL and above: Type 2 Diabetic range.

This is a simple list that can help you see where you are going. Don't get discouraged! These numbers do get better with commitment, persistence and an understanding of how whole, real foods can fuel your body for your best health ever.


Inflammation can be traced to higher blood sugar levels. If our diet consists of carbs and sugar and you experience achy joints and histamine issues [allergies], consider changing up your plate.

The constant need to snack, feelings of foggy brain, daily fatigue, waist size that keeps growing can be a good reason to consider a re-boot.

Diet is Batman and exercise is Robin. Diet does 95% of the work and deserves all the attention. -Dr. Jason Fung

I Can Help.

Change is hard - the ruts are deep.

When we attempt to create a new path, many times we do all the thing all at once. This generally leads to burn-out and a return to our old habits. Choosing to work with someone who can help with a slow on-ramp for making lasting changes can be the key to success.

I have lots of ideas and helps that can make your journey easier and permanent.

Here are some ways to use my services:

  • RESTART. $199. A 5-week online group class that teaches how to eat real, whole foods to eliminate many symptoms that are common like; inflammation, poor sleep, climbing weight, elevated cholesterol, etc. Sign-up for next class online.

  • REVEAL-Hair Analysis. $299. Minerals are the spark plugs of our body. When balanced they ignite all our biological processes. Discover your mineral status to reveal deficiencies and receive a personalized dietary and lifestyle plan to restore mineral balance for optimal health.

  • 1:1 Private 12-week Coaching + REVEAL Hair Analysis $299.

  • Blood Sugar Boot Camp. $199. A 6-week online group class [Purchase of a Glucometer required.] This Test Don't Guess Class educates and provides a guided approach to managing blood sugar for optimal health. Each week you will be given a dietary and lifestyle plan to stabilize blood sugar, lower insulin and a path for optimal health.

  • Nutrition Audit. $99. Do you need some help with what to eat? After filling out a food journal, you will receive a personal assessment with suggestions for improving your diet for better health.

Connect with me.

Thanks for reading,


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