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Is My Lotion Making Me Fat?

Did you know that the many chemicals found in our personal care products can cause weight gain and make it harder to loose those extra pounds? These compounds are called Obesogens and they can create a disruption in our health by hijacking our metabolism along with many other important processes in our body.

Over our lifetime, chronic exposure to obesogens is likely the leading cause of obesity and metabolic disorders.


In recent years the focus on factors other than diet have been studied and there's strong evidence that exposure to specific environmental pollutants - obesogens are considered key players in the obesity epidemic.

Obesogens can disrupt hormonal pathways regulating metabolism and weight gain, so it's important to understand how these toxic chemicals are impacting our health by:

  • Disrupting our hormonal pathways.

  • Altering our metabolism by causing the body to produce new and larger fat cells.

  • Blocking fat cells from releasing stored fat to use as energy.

  • Changing our eating habits, making us crave more sweets.

  • Disrupting our gastrointestinal tract which affects how our food is digested.

8 Ways to Avoid Obesogens.

  1. Use glass or stainless steel bottles for drinking instead of plastic or cans.

  2. Always filter your water.

  3. Avoid using and especially heating food in plastic containers, vegetable steamer bags, or frozen meals.

  4. Replace Kerig k-cups [made of plastic] with reusable stainless steel cups you can purchase on Amazon and fill with your own higher quality coffee.

  5. Get rid of nonstick cookware [teflon] and use cast iron, stainless steel or enameled cookware.

  6. Skip flame retardant and flame resistant finishes on clothing and furniture. Also avoid water repellant coating on carpets, furniture, and tablecloths to limit exposure.

  7. Go fragrance-free. The fragrances in air fresheners,candles and room deodorizers are likely obesogens.

  8. Upgrade personal care and household cleaning products. Check out [Environmental Working Group] website for a database of products that are free of obesogens.

How Do I Rid My Body of Obesogens?

  • Eliminate processed foods that contain artificial additives, preservatives, food coloring and added sugars.

  • Increase intake of organic non-GMO foods, including lots of fresh vegetables and fruits that are high in antioxidants.

  • Drink plenty of filtered water with minerals.

  • Move daily.

  • Go to bed earlier and create a dark, cool sleeping space for best sleep.

  • Get outside and move daily.

  • Find ways to reduce stress.

We live surrounded by chemicals and it's unrealistic to propose that the solution is elimination of everything potentially harmful.

But, we can become more aware of how obesogens can affect our health and choose to take some steps to lower our exposure.

Building a Foundation of Nutritional Wealth.

When we choose to eat whole, real, nutrient-rich foods most of the time we are supporting our body's ability to effectively detox all the assaults on our well-being.

I hope you will consider what you can do today to support your health.

I'd love to help you navigate how to improve your health.

You can find me here:

Thanks for reading.


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