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Easy Citrus Chicken

Tangy and citrusy, plus super easy. Now that's a perfect weeknight meal!


Is Chicken a Winner? - Yes!!!

  • When we choose well; organic, pasture-raised chicken provides our bodies with a complete protein.

  • Builds and maintains our muscle and strengthens our bones.

  • Delivers vital nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, iron along with vitamins; A, D, E, and C.

  • Contains tryptophan an amino acid that increases serotonin - the mood booster.

  • Rich in vitamin B12 and choline that helps promote brain development in children, help the nervous system function and increase cognitive performance as we age.


  1. 6 cloves garlic, smashed

  2. 1/2 onion, cut into chunks

  3. 1 tsp. kosher salt

  4. 2 tsp. each of; grated orange, lemon and lime zest

  5. 2 tsp. ground cumin

  6. 1 tsp. dried oregano

  7. 1 tsp. black pepper

  8. juice from 1 orange, 1 lemon, 3 limes

  9. 1/3 cup avocado or olive oil

  10. 3 - 4 lbs. chicken pieces; breasts, thighs, drumsticks - your choice

  11. kosher salt for chicken


Place all ingredients [except chicken] in blender - blend well.

Reserve half of marinade for a dipping sauce.

Place chicken pieces in a large zip-lock bag and sprinkle with kosher salt.

Add marinade, massage chiken making sure marinade is fully incorporated.

Place chicken in marinade in fridge overnight or at least 4 hours.

Heat oven to 425 degrees

Remove chicken from marinade and place on an oiled rack on a sheet pan.

Roast 20 minutes then flip chicken and continue roasting for 15-20 additional minutes.

Check internal temperature of chicken with a thermometer allowing it to reach 160 degrees.

Remove from oven and tent with foil. Alllow chicken to rest for 15 minutes.

Heat remaining reserved marinade until boiling.

Serve chicken with the heated sauce.

4 servings

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